We asked Pluma to help with complex C++ code in a real time system for a leading multinational company. Though the project was under substantial time pressure, Pluma's technical experts showed their mettle by working with an international team of engineers and devising ways to change real time protocols and improve fault tolerance in the realtime, wireless product. Pluma's engineers combine deep theoretical and practical software and systems knowledge and have a knack of solving tough challenges.

-- B. Subramanya, GTC, LLC


Pluma Knowledge Solutions made a crucial contribution to the Smart Vote campaign in the finest spirit of public service completing an innovative (though laborious) task without seeking compensation or recognition. For the first time the voters of Bangalore could search through the voters list (7 million names) in seconds. The simplicity of use was enabled by the application of Pluma's considerable skills in text mining, search design and linguistic understanding.

We at Smart Vote remain grateful and admiring of the speed, professionalism and spirit of continuous improvement that Pluma brought to this project.

-- Prithvi Reddy, Smartvote.in


I am a professor at the Wharton school at U. of Pennsylvania. A student and I have a project on Internet marketing for which we needed to identify the FULL webgraph for several websites. By webgraph, I mean a list of ALL pages on a website along with information of which pages link to each other. There is no off-the-shelf tool that helps address this need. I hired Plumasol for this task and Veda oversaw the process.

I felt that Plumasol was exceptional at this task. The Plumasol coders were able to meet all our stated requirements for the project. Furthermore, I felt that Veda was very responsive throughout the process. In fact, at times, I felt like the delinquent party because he turned around his emails within a few hours and I sometimes needed a few days to respond. I valued Veda's responsiveness and diligence and never had to worry that I do not have his team's full attention. Plumasol's turnaround time was excellent. I had originally asked for project completion in 2 months with a stretch goal of 1 month. The team completed it under 5 weeks. Lastly, I will add that Veda is technically very competent. As a former software engineer, I am well positioned to assess the technical capabilities of Veda and his team. They impressed me as individuals who have significant expertise in Information Retrieval and automated text processing. In short, I highly recommend hiring Veda for your project.

-- Professor Kartik Hosanagar, The Wharton School of Business