We help the MNC clients of GTC, LLC (like Duncan Solutions Inc, USA ) in design/development of embedded systems products
Work in the areas of wireless communications (GPRS), Cryptography (RSA, XXTEA)
Leveraged the advanced capabilities of modern day modems (Wavecom's GR64/Q26Ex/Q2686, Telit) to provide efficient and reliable way of communication
Reverse engineered the legacy C++ code and re-architected software
Worked with embedded systems software for ARM, TI-MSP430, Atmel micro-controller based products
QuEST Global Engineering Pvt Ltd, India
Invloved in pre-bid analysis for the RFPs
Help architect solutions for high-end avionics applications of QuEST's clients.
Telescope Software, Sweden
Maintaining the products of Telescope Software like bug fix, change-requests, new features
Integrated with facebook, linkedin, google+, twitter for Single-Sign-On (SSO)
Sunshine Travel, USA
Integration with Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) APIs for Hotel book
Implemented in vanila PHP in OOAD
Wharton School, PY, USA
Implemented crawl, index, web link graph for some domains.
Identified canonical pages
Used Apache Nutch framework by modifiying the framework, designed & implemented own concept for graph processing
The output of the project is used in a web analytics project
Smart Vote
Crawled and extracted the 6000+ PDFs of voter list of Bangalore city from the City Corporation website.
Scrapped the voter information of all 6 million voter information into XML/CSV to be consumed for processing
Loaded the CSV of 6 million into a MySQL database and provided a easy-to-use interface
Brought out discrepancies (like exact/probable duplicates, missing compared to other sources of information like telephone directory etc) through entity-match using fuzzy logic, soundex, edit-distance, cultural dictionaries etc.
A report was prepared with some samples which helped Smart Vote to present the case to the government authorities.
Town Essentials Private Limited
Implemented an e-Commerce solution for Town
A website was designed and developed for the business and home customers of Town to make orders through web
Used XCart to implement the solution
The Sync-Tool was developed to integrate a Financial Accounting software (Tally) to import/export of customers/inventory/orders. The tool fills the back-end of the website by pulling information (customer, products) directly from FA software and pushing new customers and orders received in the website back into Tally.
New leads are pushed to a CRM tool - vTiger.
Used AMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) platform
Installed and helped in the implemention of the vTiger-CRM for Town to manage the customers effectively.
Integrated various partners under Single-Sign-On (SSO) using OpenID and custom HTTP based authentication schemes
Children's Movement for Civic Awareness
Designed and developed a portal for CMCA to work more efficiently (
The reporting schemes are automated in the portal for their Civic Tutors, Zonal Coordinators, Programme Coordinators spread across different cities of India.
Used Yii framework under AMP
CMCA is using the portal and found it more productive for the members of the organization.
Plasma Private Limited
Designed and developed an ERP system for handling the work flow for Plasma - a manufacturing organization
Used some baseic frameworks of WebERP and customized for Plasma which is ISO 9002 complaint. So the flow, document creation etc are made ISO:9002 complaint.
We implemented the work flow managemnt to make sure that stake holders (production, sales/marketting, stores, engineering, purchase) do the right function at the right time
Used AMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) platform
Implemented the web-design in Joomla with custom components to cater the requirement of the client.
Provided a semi semantic search to search the DB using tf-idf based indexing.
Cool Apps Creations
Customized the Joomla template and brought the site up in almost no time.