A network of concepts and objects, leading to higher level actions

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    • Objects (like apparel-fragments) tagged with barcode/RFID can be tracked at each point of process flow. Example cutting, sewing, and packing in a typical grament factory.
    • Track or record time and duration of a machine's start/stop, labour's arrival/departure from machinery etc in a typical manufacturing industry.
    • Control of equipment based on live parameters derived from other dependent parts can save energy and imporve efficiency.
    • Excessive emission of chemicals, gas etc can be monitored and controlled.
    • Save a lot of manual energy spent in moving data derived from various machineries and/or products being manufactured in the factory.
    • Equip with proper tools, devices and technologies to monitor and coordinate production related activities.
    • Avoid wasteful expenses with coordinated use of scarce resources like water, exlectricity etc.

    Our Solution

    • Objects (apparels, machine-process) tagged with RFID are tracked till they go out of inventory.
    • Using our barcode scanner at sections like Sew, Assembly, Iron, Packing, the arrival/departure of objects can be recorded.
    • These events are persisted in our cloud as well as fed to your existing ERP in real-time.
    • Produces ready-to-process and accurate data.
    • pluGence gateways provide live update of count indication of various sections thereby immeidately relflecting then events happening at sections.
    • A multi-tenant enterprise system (pluMTES) hosted in our cloud is used by the customers to manage their pluGence devices.
    • pluGence WiFi/IoT enabled switch-boards can be used to control various electrical gadgets like lights, fans, and machines remotely.
    • An android-app to control switch-board.
    • Sensor device has temperature, humidity, light, proximity and carbon-gas sensors. Based on various parameters, a switch-board can be controlled by a set of configurable rules.
    • All pluGence IoT devices are configurable via cloud (pluMTES) for your specific requirements.
    • No need for manual intervention.


    • Repetitive, boring, and error prone operations are automated.
    • Data gathered is directly pushed to the cloud as well as to your MIS or ERP in electronics form.
    • Data is ready-to-process for dependent applications.
    • Reduction in cost of production.
    • Use of high-end technology.
    • Your business becomes IoT enabled.
    • Energy saved (human, electric, water ...).
    • Data redundancy is avoided.


    Cloud and Apps - plugence MULTI-TENANT ENTERPRISE SYSTEM [pluMTES]

    • Hosts the data-source for persistence. Our IoT devices push data to the cloud via its gateway.
    • You can map your objects, from ERP perspective, to tags and barcode.
    • Helps you visulaize the tracking and transactions from real-world perspective.
    • Manage your pluGence devices and data.
    • Write & manage sensors rules, to control the points in switch-board
    • View barcode and RFID transactions.
    • Map barcode and RFID to apparels or objects.
    • Subscribe to real-time feed of transactions.
    • Map counters of all your devices with a gateway.
    • Manage your users.
    • You can control the switch-boards through our android app.