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pluGence RFID-Reader, Barcode-Scanner, Gateway, multi-purpose Sensors, Switch-board form device networks to transfer small data into cloud and your applications.

IoT Devices


Record time & duration of object at monitor-points. Manage object (apparel, human ...) movement. Reduce manual labour. Produce accurate data. Integrate with your ERP / MIS by real-time feed.

Our Solution


The data collected in real-time are pushed to our CLOUD. Consume data in your various process flows, by way of our RESTful APIs for both pull and push mechanisms



Our Multi Tenant Enterprise System (pluMTES) enables you to manage pluGence devices and collected cloud data. Our mobile app enable you to control Switch-Boards remotely.

pluGence IoT devices have embedded sensors, scanners, processors, and transceivers. We automate collection and transfer of data between devices and to our cloud.
Our cloud stores the collected data for your consumption. pluMTES Helps you mangage your pluGence devices and view transactions. Mobile-app to control the devices remotely.
Our generic solution can be applied in textile/garments, manufacturing, retail, education, transport/logistics and many industries.


A network of concepts and objects, leading to higher level actions


Our WiFi/IoT enabled RFID Reader, and Barcode Scanner can track objects at each point of process flow. Like apparels can be tracked during cutting, sewing, and packing. Gateways transport the data from these scanners to cloud and/or your existing ERP. IoT Switch-board can control any electrical gadget remotely either by sensors or by mobile-app


Track objects at point of process. Control equipment based on live parameters. Control emission of excessive gas and chemicals. Save a lot of manual energy by way of autmoating data transport to your back-end. Avoid wasteful expenses with coordinated use of scarce resources like water, electricity etc.

Our Solution

Tagged (RFID/Barcode) are tracked till they go out of inventory.Produce ready-to-process accurate data. Count indication at gateway of the objects being moved out in a section/point-of-prcess. Multi-tenant cloud applications to manage devices and data. All pluGence devices are configurable from cloud. No manual intervention.


Repetitive, boring and error-prone operations are automated. Data gathered is directly pushed into cloud and your ERP/MIS. Data is ready-to-process for dependent applications. Use of high-end technology. Your business becomes IoT enabeld. Data redundancy is avoided.

Textile, garments

Our carefully designed solution can fit into any textile/garment organization.


Our carefully designed solution can fit into any manufacturing organization.
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